Conflict Mediations: Air

Conversation #2

The ‘Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts’ conference #2, co-organized by TU Delft, University of Sheffield and University of Cyprus to be held in Cyprus in April/May 2022, broadens and deepens the scope of territorial considerations by incorporating the instrumentalisation of the element-spaces of water and air into the investigation of the thick surfaces of the lived environment. To introduce the forthcoming event, and to celebrate the previous conference’s achievements, a series of three conversations have been organized with the intention of unfolding the relation to practices of intervening, disrupting, cancelling out, and countering tainted and conflicted territories. The second conversation in this series will be based on ‘modes of operation’ in relation to conflicts over the element-space of air. The goals are to introduce these themes in the context of Cyprus, and to reflect and define the proper theme and relevancy for the second conference.

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