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Architectural Borders & Territories book series
Call for book proposals 



Architectural Borders and Territories (AB&T) offers a comprehensive series of books on architectural ‘borders’ and ‘territories’, emphasizing the intrinsic critical relationship, as well as the inherent complexities, between these two core terms of architecture. The AB&T series is theoretical in its scope and presents discussions relevant to international contemporary scholarship in architecture, as well as indicating implications for architectural design practice. It is dedicated to broadening architectural scholarship through promoting marginalized perspectives and by questioning the extent of the discipline.


Exploring architecture’s relationship to adjacent disciplines such as border and migration studies, landscape architecture, geography and ecology/environment, the series will curate books with a focus on spaces of conflict, the conceptualization of territory, infrastructure and landscape. The series aims to support the development of critical theories that probe the boundaries of the discipline and invites theoretical, historical and design-led approaches.


Topics covered:

1. border and migration studies in relation to spaces of conflict; 

2. the complex entanglements of territory, infrastructure, architecture and landscape; 

3. critical theories probing (the boundaries of and silenced positions within) architecture as a discipline; 

4. generative research that operationalizes ‘borders’ and/or ‘territories’ towards architectural design methodologies.


We invite scholars interested in these topics to submit an extended abstract (up to 500 words) where you summarize the idea for a book. If accepted, the series editors will share guidelines on how to develop a book proposal to be offered to Routledge. We are happy to consider projects that are complete, partially written, or that are still in the early stages of planning. All proposals will be initially assessed by the AB&T series editors, and will then go through a further external peer review process before a contract is offered by the publishers, Routledge.


Please send your abstract to series editors: Marc Schoonderbeek, Nishat Awan and Aleksandar Staničić, at:

The call is continuously open.

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