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Marmara + Straits

Transient Liquidities Along the New Silk Road
MSc3/4 Graduation studio



Studio Participants



Carmen Wientjes
Iulia Popescu
Katarzyna Ingielewicz 

Luis Druschke
Marilou van Dalen 

Mathew Tong
Matilda Hoffmann
Max Wießalla
Miltiadis Christodoulakos 

Myrto Klimi

Nikki de Zeeuw 

Olivier Bierens 

Panayiotis Varoutsos 

Pieter Tilman

Ron Weissenburger 

Shixuan Li
Taha El Barazi 

Valentin Gies 

Virginia Lazarou

Yu Chen


Marc Schoonderbeek 

Stefano Milani
Filip Geerts
Oscar Rommens 

Negar Sanaan Bensi

The studio focuses on the area of the Sea of Marmara, the Dardanelles, and the Bosphorus Strait, a site characterized by many overlapping and contradictory traits defined by its geolocation and by a vast mix of cultures.

The initial collective research crystallized in a series of mega maps that evaluate the context and realities of the architectural projects that ought to be developed in. Within the discovered boundaries and limitations, with adequate knowledge of the current worldwide political developments, ecological considerations, migratory movement, geological events, and spatial dynamics, appropriate sites were selected and visited.

During the study trip, the student collective took a tour around the whole area of the Sea of Marmara, discovering the reality of the patchwork. Certain qualities of the area could be easily identified from the starting point of the city of Istanbul such as the scale of infrastructural developments, the congestion, and the strategic position of the city in relationship to the two straits. The journey southwards towards Çanakkale reaffirmed and sometimes redefined the findings from the collective research.

Marmara + Straits
Marmara + Straits
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