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Thessaloniki Heterotopias

Transient Liquidities Along the New Silk Road
MSc3/4 Graduation studio



Studio Participants



Agata Mila

Daniel McNally

Dave Chan

Ekin Arin

Michal Smagala

Peter Gill

Thomas Zhang

Wan-Yu Yang


Nishat Awan

Oscar Rommens

Thessaloniki demonstrates a sprawling case study for the diverse domains of contemporary life. In the face of complete economic integration, the city’s roles, images, and relationships extend far beyond its administrative boundaries. Thessaloniki presents many subjects concerning contemporary urban dynamics such as the redefinition of economic sectors, spatial politics, population displacement, and resource management. The morphing values of modern agglomeration intersect with the rich history of many cultures, nationalities, languages, and roles. In our collective research, we examine these modern and historical forces that have shaped Thessaloniki through the lens of border and territorial conditions. Our research into the transient nature of the city led us to the key themes of ‘Ecologies’ and ‘Control’ which were then explored through our cartographic investigations.

Thessaloniki Heterotopias
Thessaloniki Heterotopias
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