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The first book in the 'Architectural Borders & Territories' series (with Routledge) is out!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

‘Mapping in Architectural Discourse, Place-Time Discontinuities’, by Marc Schoonderbeek

This book explores the notion of mapping in architectural discourse. First locating, positioning and theorizing mapping, it then makes explicit the relationship between research and design in architecture through cartography and spatial analysis. It proposes three distinct modalities: tool, operation and concept, showing how these methods lead to discursive aspects of architectural work and highlighting mapping as an instrument in developing architectural form. It emphasizes the importance of place and time as fundamental terms with which to understand the role of mapping. An investigation into architectural discourse, this book will appeal to academics and researchers within the discipline with a particular interest in theory, history and cartography.

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about the AB&T series:

Architectural Borders and Territories offers a comprehensive series of books on architectural ‘borders’ and ‘territories’, emphasising the intrinsic critical relationship as well as the inherent complexities between these two core terms of architecture.

Topics include:

1. border and migration studies in relation to spaces of conflict; 2. the territory and architecture, infrastructure and landscape; 3. critical theories probing (the boundaries of) architecture as a discipline 4. design thinking in relation to design methodologies.

The series is theoretical and historical in its scope and presents discussions relevant to international contemporary scholarship in architecture.

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