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Presentation of 'X Agendas for Architecture' at Venice Biennale

Friday 29th of May, X Agendas for Architecture was officially presented to the public at the preview days of the Fifteenth Architecture Biennale in Venice. The book presentation was held in the Dutch Pavilion at the invitation of curator Malkit Shoshan and Het Nieuwe Instituut and featured a debate among a selection of authors, Sarah Lorentzen (Cal Poly Pomona, Los Angeles), José Maria Wilford Nava Townsend (Universidad Ibericoamericana, Mexico City), Hannah Leroux (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg), Michiel Riedijk and the editors, Marc Schoonderbeek, Oscar Rommens and Loed Stolte and was introduced and moderated by Tom Aevermate on behalf of the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture. Shortly the book will be available for sale.

X Agendas for Architecture at Venice Biennale.

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