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Peer Review Colloquium: 'Architecture and Conflict'

The 20th event of its kind at the TU Delft, this full-day peer review session comprised six presentations pertaining to the theme of 'Architecture and Conflict':

- Gabriel Schwake

Form Follows Profit: The Architecture of Israeli Housing Estates Since 1977 - John Hanna

Spatiality of Urban Conflicts: Everyday Life During Armed Violence (Go/No-Go) - Rick Krosenbrink

Fields of Fire: The Way Dutch Soldiers Read the Landscape - Armina Pilav

Materiality of War and Un-War Spaces in Sarajevo between 1992-1996 - Malkit Shoshan

The Footprint and Legacy of United Nations Peace Operations (Go/No-Go) - Guillaume Guerrier

Mapping the Re-Emergence of the Border on the ‘Balkan-Route’

External reviewers were:

- Prof. Wendy Pullan - Professor of Architecture and Urban Studies and Principal Investigator of the Research Group ‘Conflict in the City and the Contested State’ at the University of Cambridge. - Dr. David Storey - Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Worcester. - Dr. Erella Grassiani - Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology and Part of the ERC Funded Project SECURCIT on Privatization and Globalization of Security at the University of Amsterdam.

Moderated by Dr. Armina Pilav and Marc Schoonderbeek.


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