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Malkit Shoshan joins B&T research group

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Malkit Shoshan has joined the B&T research group to continue her PhD research on the adaptation of military and aid compounds into civic assets, entitled 'Warfare versus welfare'. Shoshan's research aims at examining the possibilities of physical adaption of peacekeeping and aid compounds into civic resources, such that they can eventually be used by the local community. Now, more than ever, a study into the transformation of compounds into civic infrastructures is necessary as the United Nations is carrying about 16 missions in various countries around the world and of these, 15 are peacekeeping operations. These missions involve temporary occupation of large areas by western armies and aid agencies. These spaces are used as bases, training fields, detainment centers, prisons, army bases, aid distribution centers, and disaster management headquarters. The mission spaces are designed according to strict spatio-typological guidelines and are executed by military generals and sometimes by doctors, but rarely by architects. Recent discussions on dissolving international presence are taking a central stage in local and international political discussions, such as the fully equipped army bases left behind by Dutch forces in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Each mission leaves behind large built-up areas and physical infrastructure. Shoshan is scheduled to finish her PhD research in 2015.

Malkit Shoshan - Warfare versus Welfare

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