In-between Territories - Exhibition of the Studio of Borders & Territories

The 308 - Center of Architecture in Nouvelle Aquitaine in collaboration with the research group Borders & Territories - Studio Bordeaux and in partnership with EQUITONE hosts the exhibition "In-between territories" in the courtyard of the 308. The Borders & Territories group from the Technical University of Delft, in cooperation with the National School of Architecture and Landscape of Bordeaux and St. Lucas University of Gent/Brussels, organised an international workshop focused on the areas between the local airport and the historical centre of Bordeaux. It started with a walk/drift of 6 hours in this hybrid landscape, wild mix of architectural typologies and others. This physical, intellectual and sensory exploration was then translated into 2 maps of 6m long and became the basis to develop the projects of the Bordeaux studio. It is the result of this research work that is presented in this exhibition: an analysis of the territory, cartography and architectural and urban interventions conducted by students.

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