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Conflict Mediations

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Conversation #3

March 14,2022


We are pleased to invite you to the online conversation of the Conflict Mediations Series titled Entangled Milieus: Ground Conditions. The series presents and discusses the unfolding of the relations between the practices of intervention, disruption, cancellation, forming and countering that are at play in territories of conflict. The third conversation rests on notions of agency and protest in relation to conflicts that emerge over the element-space of "ground". With the help of our guests, in this third and last conversation, we will deal with several ground conditions: from the ones recorded by architect Ahmad Beydoun during the war and its aftermaths on the borders of South Lebanon, to those emerging from the political practices of the "gilets jaunes" as discussed by the architectural theorist Lutz Robbers. Through their research in Lebanon and France, respectively, they will engage in conversation with our third guest: artist Eleni Mouzourou, and her recent video in which she depicts the twisting of a concept, namely how the "endemic" is turned into the "native". The video deals with the process of cultural and political appropriation of nature using the case of the Latzia oak tree and its construction as the "national tree" of Cyprus. The video will be screened during the online event. The entangled perspectives of our guests frame the previous conference theme ‘Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts’ and thematically ground the elements of "water", "air", and "soil" in the upcoming conference Entangled Milieus: Co-Constituting a Shared Futurity, (Cyprus, October 22-30, 2022).

Organizing team: Aleksandar Staničić, Armina Pilav, Heidi, Sohn, Marc Schoonderbeek, Socrates Stratis, Grazia Tona

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