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Conflict Mediations

Promotion of Footprint #27

The ‘Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts’ conference, organised by the Borders & Territories research group at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU-Delft in November 2019, inquired and elaborated on the specific role and agency that artistic reflections, cross-media inquiry and counter-tactics have in response to the spatiality of conflicts. In the aftermath of that conference, the promise to turn the event into a 2-year cycle discussing the latest insights into

the spatial effects of conflicts, combined with the publication of its proceedings and FOOTPRINT #27, opened the path for new endeavors.

The proposed conference #2, co-organized by TU Delft, University of Sheffield and University of Cyprus, and to be held in Cyprus in April/May 2022, would like to broaden the scope of territorial considerations by incorporating the instrumentalisation of the element- spaces of water and air into the investigation of the thick surfaces of our living environment. To introduce the forthcoming event, but also celebrate previous conference’s achievements, we will initiate a series of three conversations intended to unfold the relation to practices of intervening, disrupting, cancelling out, or countering the tainted and conflicted territories. The conversations will be based on the three components of the aforementioned FOOTPRINT

issue, namely modes of operation, means of divulgence and agencies of protest, in combination with themes addressing conflict over water, air, and earths. The goal is to (1) introduce these themes in the context of Cyprus and (2) reflect and define the proper theme and relevancy of the next event.

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