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Colloquium: Post-Digital Contradictions in Drawing Complexities in Mapping

A venue organized by the ‘Border Conditions & Territories’ research group, the chair of Architectural Design/Public Building and the Department of Architecture.

The POST-DIGITAL_CONTRADICTIONS IN DRAWING/_COMPLEXITIES IN MAPPING colloquium addresses the contemporary state of architectural drawing by focusing on the intrinsic difficulties in the relation between theory and practice in drawing and mapping. The venue will consist of three sessions in which outstanding International scholars, current PhD researchers and more project-oriented researchers will present and discuss their work in and on drawing.

Underlying all presentations is the understanding that drawings are never full projections toward future construct only, but are, more importantly, privileged representational viewpoints that are indicative of a culturally determined, conceptual understanding of architecture. There is ideology in every drawing, just as there is agency, yet architectural drawing is not an autonomous entity solely dependent of its own specificity and frame of reference only.

During the last decade, architectural drawing appears to have dissolved into a visual culture that is fundamentally guided by the opening of a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities, offered by new technologies and software. The larger contribution the colloquium intends to make to the discourses of architectural drawing and mapping is to make explicit the amazing power of expression in drawing, the relevance of theorizing drawing in general and the necessary framing of the seemingly unlimited possibilities of drawing. Also under these circumstances, the territory of production and reflection can no longer be discussed by using the more traditional conceptual frameworks and knowledge of drawing, meaning an attempt to formulate a renewed, or at least reconsidered terminology is at stake.

Borders & Territories - Post-Digital Contradictions in Drawing Complexities in Mapping

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