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Call for PhD Dissertation Proposals

Department of Architecture, Delft University of Technology

Academic Year 2020-2021

April 2021


Under the auspices of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built

Environment (Delft University of Technology), the Department of Architecture invites

PhD dissertation proposals to help expand its doctoral portfolio. We invite all interested

academic and/or professional candidates who are qualified to pursue PhD-level research

work aligned with the Department’s research agenda.

The research program of the Department consists of 10 Research Lines, and offers

a rich and challenging environment that provides rewarding research experience. The

Department’s research program is guided by a group of diverse critically acclaimed

scholars, leading professional academics and internationally acknowledged architects

(involved as professors of (design) practice). The research program facilitates in-depth,

independent research work that relates to the major themes of the research portfolio as

well as to its educational activities.

For the new round of PhD candidacies, the Department will accept and consider

proposals that will contribute to its existing research portfolio, based on four specific and

pre-defined topics. The successful candidates will be expected to contribute innovative,

leading-edge research work to the Department of Architecture and its research portfolio.


Under the heading ‘X Agendas for Architecture’, the Department of Architecture’s

research program consists of 10 Research Lines, which are: ‘Architecture and the City’;

‘Borders & Territories’; ‘Situated Architecture’; ‘Global Housing’; ‘Architecture, Culture

and Modernity’; ‘Digital Culture’; ‘Ecologies of Architecture’; ‘History’; ‘Architectural

Pedagogies’ and ‘Design Research’. The research carried out by the Department of

Architecture distinguishes itself by a focus on architecture as a cultural field of expertise; a

field in which making and thinking are inextricably linked. The research programme

regards the architectural project as the junction where a complex combination of cultural,

social, artistic, material, functional, economic and ecological factors is articulated as a

concrete spatial proposal. The research groups within the program can be distinguished

by their focus on a particular aspect of architectural expertise that is relevant in addressing

contemporary societal and scientific questions, involving both theory and practice.


For this round of an Open Call for PhD Proposals, the Department has outlined four

research topics, each constituting a potential contribution to its research portfolio.

  • PhD Trajectory #01:

Design, Regulation and Resilience: The Architecture of Cooperative Housing

  • PhD Trajectory #02:

Conflict Mediations

  • PhD Trajectory #03:

The Business of Architecture

  • PhD Trajectory #04:

Governing the Global South: Material and Population Flows of Cold War Era


For complete information, consult the attached pdf:

Download PDF • 208KB


All four PhD candidates will conduct scholarly research and other related activities. The

candidates will be fully integrated into the Department of Architecture’s research staff,

working closely with the respective members of the Research Lines. Each research group

will provide a collaborative platform for gaining extensive experience and skills for

independent research work.

The successful candidates must be able to:

  1. situate the dissertation within the Department of Architecture’s research interests;

  2. illustrate clearly the hypothesis and the theoretical framework the dissertation seeks to explicate;

  3. demonstrate the proposed dissertation’s value and contribution to the existing discourse;

  4. elaborate on the ambition of the research work.

The PhD track will commence with academic hospitality for an 18 months period, with

a Go No Go review after 12 months. The review panel of both external and internal

jurors will evaluate the research work for its scientific quality and will evaluate the

development of the candidate. When both aspects are deemed satisfactory, the track will

be extended for an additional period of 2,5 years. We expect completion of a PhD thesis

in approximately four years in total. The Department of Architecture’s will appoint the

promoter, co-promoter as well as daily supervisor (as indicated in this brief). Please note

that TU Delft does not provide financial support and that the candidate has to

demonstrate the availability of funding to sustain her/himself during the PhD research.

However, the Department of Architecture, in cooperation with the faculty’s Graduate

School and Valorization Centre, will fully and actively support applications of accepted

candidates with respect to external funding.

All specific conditions will be determined according to the TU Delft’s Doctorate.

Regulations and the Graduate School rules, to be found on:

Additional Graduate School requirements are described online:


  • Cover letter (one A4 or US Letter page)

  • The applicant should elaborate on the personal motivations, interests, and aspirations behind pursuing a PhD degree and describe the qualifications. The applicant should explicitly argue how the proposal is closely aligned with the Department’s research interests. Specify the area of focus and elaborate on how the applicant’s research proposal pertains to this area.

  • Full CV

  • The CV should contain comprehensive chronological information on your academic and professional experience, as well as any pertinent record of publication. (Do not include any information prior to the first year of your university-level education.)

  • The CV should also include the names and contact information of three referents or recommenders. Also mention in which capacity they are familiar with your qualifications and capabilities (e.g. teacher, employer, colleague, etc.). Do not enclose any letters of reference or recommendation in the proposal package. We will contact your referents/recommenders directly.

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