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Book Launch: 'Border Conditions'

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Architectural Education in the 2010s: Teaching for an Altered Reality

on Thursday 23 September 2010

Faculty of Architecture, TUDelft,

zaal A


18:00-welcome and introduction

18:15-lecture Jean-Louis Cohen


19:30-lecture Ton Venhoeven?

20:30-'Border Conditions' book presentation:

the first books presented to prof. Umberto Barbieri and dean prof. Wytze Patijn


This event is organized by the Department of Architecture to celebrate the publication of 'Border Conditions', the first book in the Delft Architecture Series. The book presents the results of the Border Conditions research and design studio and offers a collection of essays and experimental architecture projects that emanated from research into the spatial impact of socio-political developments, with an emphasis on mapping the contemporary urban milieu.

The book provides a thematic overview of the contemporary discussion surrounding borders in architecture, from conflict situations to marginal urban areas; from Kinshasa-Brazzaville, Gibraltar, Kaliningrad and Kiev to Benidorm, Marseille and Rotterdam. A selection of projects shows how mapping can be used to not only register and interpret urban processes, but to show how these design principles can act as the basis for architectural interventions.

Book published by: Architectura & Natura Press

Book designed by: Michaël Snitker

With contributions by: Tom Avermaete, Jennifer Bloomer, Wim Cuyvers, Lieven De Cauter, Raviv Ganchrow, S. Umberto Barbieri, Sandro Bisa, Raoul Bunschoten, Francesco Careri, Teddy Cruz, Michiel Dehaene, Gil Doron, Klaske Havik, Oscar Rommens, Marc Schoonderbeek and Sebastiaan Veldhuisen.

Border Conditions, Mark Schoonderbeek (ed.)

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