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B&T PhD Session

On Thursday 12 December, the 2nd 'Borders&Territories PhD-session' will take place at the Faculty of Architecture of TUDelft.

Scheduled presentations:

14:00-15:00: Andreas Karavanas (on vernacular didactics: the example of Mount Athos)

15:00-16:00: Filippo Maria Doria (on representation and blindness)

The presentations will be in room 01WEST280 and both are open to the public.

As last time, the candidates have been kindly asked to prepare a presentation of about 25-30 minutes, which should at least treat:

-general topic and content of the proposed dissertation

-methodological choices (the (roughly) proposed structure)

-relevancy for the discourse and 'appropriateness' for the 'Borders & Territories' research program


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