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1st prize in Archiprix NL 2009

A Border Conditions alumnus, Simone Pizzagalli (IT), wins the 1st prize in Archiprix NL 2009 ( )

The section of ‘Architecture/Public Building: composition & tectonics’, chaired by prof. S. Umberto Barbieri, proudly announces that its former BC-student Simone Pizzagalli won shared 1st price at the annual Archiprix competition. Each year the Dutch institutions offering Master's programmes in architecture, urban design and/or landscape architecture select their best graduation projects and submit them to Archiprix. Out of these 27 final entries, the plan of Simone Pizzagalli was selected.

This year’s jury, consisting of Haiko Meijer (architecture), Arjen Oosterman (theory), Miranda Reitsma (urban design), Ronald Rietveld (landscape architecture), and Max Risselada (architecture), praised the exceptional qualities of the project in their jury report:

“This design is loath to reveal its exceptional qualities at first glance. Yet it intrigues from that moment on. The project makes the very best use of the possibilities education has on offer to act as a laboratory. It explores the different positions designers can adopt within their field, opening new perspectives in the process. The demonstrated approach makes a strong case for the designer to take an autonomous tack. In the followed method the programme is transformed through associative research into a series of spatial treatments. Critiquing the discipline, the scheme is an intriguing response to commercialization of the image and the attendant image-making in architecture.”

Specific details of the project:

Title: Spaces, Poetics and Voids

By: Simone Pizzagalli

Studio: Border Conditions

Location: London

Mentors: Heidi Sohn, Freerk Hoekstra and Marc Schoonderbeek

Simone Pizzagalli - Spaces, Poetics and Voids

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