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Oscar Rommens


Oscar Rommens graduated at the Hoger Architectuur Instituut Sint-Lucas Gent in 1994. After living in various metropoles (Barcelona, New York, Chicago, Rotterdam) he completed a postgraduate programme Urban Design (Archeworks, Chicago USA, ’95-’97) and worked at several architecture offices (Douglas Garofalo, USA / Kas Oosterhuis, NL / Dirk Coopman, Ghent). Currently he is a teacher in the research group ‘Border Conditions’ in the TU Delft and in the PHL Architecture Diepenbeek, MSc 3 program. In 1999 he founded Import Export Architecture (IEA) together with Joris van Reusel. IEA is a network office with its headquarter in Antwerp that operates from various urban biotopes and from the in-between situated public and private opportunities. IEA is not only active as the day-to-day architecture practice, but is also engaged in the development of theoretical concepts, models and prototypes and has participated in various selections for the creation or transformation of furniture, buildings, landscapes or areas.


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