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Asim Rafiqui

PhD Researcher

Asim Rafiqui is an independent photojournalist whose work has appeared in Time Magazine, Harper’s, Stern, National Geographic and other publications. Asim has reported from Haiti, Japan, India, Pakistan, USA, Afghanistan, Palestine among other places. Asim was a Fulbright Fellow and an Aftermath Grant awardee to India, where he worked on the “Idea of India” project documenting India’s heritage of cultural and religious pluralism. He was awarded an Open Society Fellowship in 2012 for his most recent project in Pakistan. Asim also received a Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting grant to document the impact of the Israeli closure of the Gaza Strip. In 2015 Asim received the Magnum EF Grant for his work on the disappeared in Baluchistan and the role of the Pakistani State. He authors the photography and politics blog “The Spinning Head” and is founder of the humanities collective The Polis Project. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Delft in The Netherlands. Asim's research focuses on non-citizen migrant social and materials infrastructures in Europe and South Asia, and the ways in which they are defined by migrant subjects' imaginaries and agency formed by conjectural, overlapping and global histories.


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