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Marc Schoonderbeek

Program Director

Marc Schoonderbeek is an architect, associate professor and the Program Director of Borders & Territories. He currently acts as Research Nestor for the Department of Architecture at TU Delft. His doctorate, ‘Place-Time Discontinuities: Mapping in Architectural Discourse’, presented a theory of mapping in architectural discourse by making explicit the relationship between spatial analysis and architectural design. His research focusses on mapping contemporary border conditions, with an emphasis on issues of conflict, migration, (radical) differentiation and the encountering of others. Rather than treating the border as a spatial element geared towards division, the border is conceptualized as a space of simultaneity in his research. In 1998, he co-founded 12PM-Architecture: Office for Architecture and Urbanism, Design and Research in Amsterdam. He is the series editor of the Architectural Borders & Territories book series with Routledge (starting in 2020), and an editor of FOOTPRINT and the Modi Operandi series. He lectured at numerous architecture institutes, and regularly contributes to architectural magazines and journals. In 2004, he co-founded 66EAST: Centre for Urban Culture in Amsterdam and has published Houses in Transformation: Interventions in European Gentrification (2008; with JaapJan Berg, Tahl Kaminer and Joost Zonneveld); Border Conditions (2010) and X Agendas for Architecture (2015, with Oscar Rommens and Loed Stolte). His book Mapping in Architectural Discourse will be published by Routledge in 2021.


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