Marc Schoonderbeek

Program Director

Marc Schoonderbeek is an architect, associate professor and the Program Director of Borders & Territories. His research focusses on mapping contemporary border conditions, with an emphasis on issues of conflict, migration, (radical) differentiation and the encountering of others. Rather than treating the border as a spatial element geared towards division, the border is conceptualized as a space of simultaneity in his research. His most recent book, Mapping in Architectural Discourse; Place-Time Discontinuities, was published by Routledge in 2021 and presents a theory of mapping in architectural discourse by making explicit the relationship between spatial analysis and architectural design. In 1998, he co-founded 12PM-Architecture: Office for Architecture and Urbanism, Design and Research in Amsterdam. He is the series editor of the Architectural Borders & Territories book series with Routledge (started in 2021), a co-editor of the Modi Operandi series, and a former editor of OASE and FOOTPRINT. He lectured at numerous architecture institutes, and regularly contributes to architectural magazines and journals. In 2004, he co-founded 66EAST: Centre for Urban Culture in Amsterdam and has published Houses in Transformation: Interventions in European Gentrification (2008; with JaapJan Berg, Tahl Kaminer and Joost Zonneveld); Border Conditions (2010) and X Agendas for Architecture (2015, with Oscar Rommens and Loed Stolte).