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Gökçe Önal

_PhD Candidate

Gökçe studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University and received her M.Arch. from Middle East Technical University, with a thesis exploring the impact of aerial photography on Istanbul's urban transformation. Following a brief involvement with office work, she started working as a research assistant at METU, where she taught between 2013-16. She continued with teaching activities at TU Delft (2016–17) and contributed to the development of the TU Delft-based MOOC project ‘Means of Architectural Design’ (2017–19). She is currently a PhD candidate in B&T. Her doctoral research investigates the impact of remote sensing technologies on the prevalent forces of contemporary urbanization — from logistical networks of supply chain capitalism to digital city twins. She aims to find a productive ground between media theory and architectural studies by considering the apparatuses, systems and processes of remote sensing as the setting from which to reframe the questions of aerial visuality in the age of ubiquitous surveillance.


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