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Atlas of Distances

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Atlas of Distances Participants


May 15th - May 20th 2023

The workshop interpreted the Atlas as a collection of maps, drawings, artefacts, texts, bodies and visuals where individual elements and their meanings coexist in connection, repetition and modes of organisation. Therefore the atlas was taken as a pedagogical tool and a space for expanding, organising and connecting multimedia information.

The workshop was a week-long experience in which moments of observations alternates with moments of organisations and design. The space of the workshop was the Atlas. The Atlas started as an empty canvas in which day by day student’s observations and design actions were layered, expanded, visualised, materialised, manifested, connected, edited and navigated.

Students have navigated the city, reflected on their projects and design by experimenting with different lenses of observation and suggested organisational systems. The lenses were key themes through which to observe the city and the projects while the organisational systems were tools to expand, connect and work collectively on the making of a spatial Atlas.

Atlas of Distances
Atlas of Distances
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