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Hidden Waters

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Research Project


An ongoing project by Negar Sanaan Bensi, Jen Jorritsma, Nasim Razavian, and Paul Swagerman


Hidden Water is a long-term collaborative platform to collect, draw and categorize sets of idiosyncratic water infrastructures, by focusing on Iranian and Dutch contexts. Water infrastructures are explorative windows to complex relations between design and nature, and as James Corner puts it between the ‘rationality of calculative systems’ and the ‘cultural values’ or between quantity and quality. This project aims to contribute to such a debate, by focusing on the paradigmatic historical instances of dealing with water for shaping the territories and making the cities. This work can be understood as a provisional projection and a speculative work that weens to provoke thought about our ways of dealing with territory in relation to water as designers, the culture that has derived its production, and possibilities for its future interpretations.

The project Hidden Waters is funded by stimuleringsfonds

Hidden Waters
Hidden Waters
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