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Mapping Walks that Changed the Course of History

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Guillaume Guerrier, Marc Schoonderbeek, Oscar Rommens


For the project ‘Mapping Walks that Changed the Course of History’, the BC&T research team has selected a number of 8 walks, which will be translated into maps in order to offer a reading of the underlying spatial processes encapsulated. The BC&T team, in collaboration with import. export Architecture and Guillaume Guerrier, will be using mapping as research methodology and applying it to a number of historical walks in order to uncover their inner mechanisms and their spatial impact. The research group focuses on mapping and walking as two crucial interrelated means of understanding human history. While research into walks or mapping has been done before and is continuing at present, to our knowledge the interdependency of the two has never been explored as an instrument towards understanding social, political, architectural and historical events. It is also, as far as the research group is aware, the first time there has been an attempt at spatializing human events, at looking what material impact the presence of the human body has in and on the territory. The current plan consists of The Moon Walk; Trilogy of Gus Van Sant; Salt March; Balkan Route; Death Row Walk; Crossing the Red Sea; A Line Made by Walking; and Million Man March.

Mapping Walks that Changed the Course of History
Mapping Walks that Changed the Course of History
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