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Infrastructure Things

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Symposium, Lecture Series



FIlip Geerts, Negar Sanaan Bensi


Symposium and Capita Selecta lecture series, organized by Filip Geerts in cooperation with Jean-Louis Cohen and The Berlage.

The ‘Infrastructure Things’ capita selecta and lecture series proposes a spectrum to discuss infrastructure, focusing on the very ‘thingness’ of infrastructure and attempting to lay the groundwork for its inclusion as a relevant design inquiry, a valid research problem, and an engaging didactic theme within the culture of the Faculty of the Architecture and the Built Environment at the TU Delft. A precise calibration of the specificities, idiosyncrasies, and possibilities of the thing of infrastructure, rather than a focus on the large-scale planning desires attached to networks and flows, could be the specifically architectural contribution to a dialogue between disciplines on the matter. A practice
that blends, frames, and interacts with landscape and, simultaneously, a practice that assembles parts that construct and deconstruct the city-as-machine are the extremes of the infrastructure spectrum set as the symposium’s starting point. Infrastructure’s role in architecture culture, from the periphery of it and sometimes at its very center (‘Infrastructure Things’); its relevance for the understanding and design of hidden, residual public spaces (‘Public Building’); its resonance with a large-scale design project also referred to as landscape (‘Correcting Landscape’); and its role as a source of learning
for design in general (‘Material, Elements, and Instruments’) are the consecutive rubrics dealt with by speakers taking part in the capita selecta lecture series.

Lecturers: FIlip Geerts, Luc Deleu, Matthias Armengaud, Mark Pimlott, Christophe Girot, Guy Nordenson, Negar Sanaan Bensi, Maria S. Guidici, Florian Hertweck.

Infrastructure Things
Infrastructure Things
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