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Atlas of Distances

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Atlas of Distances - Exhibition Team and Participants


September 23th - November 4th 2023

Distance, in its many forms and interpretations, serves as both a divider and a connector. It is the unseen thread that weaves through perception, shaping an understanding ofspace, time, and relationships. The Atlas of Distances exhibition considers the diverse dimensions of distance not only as a physical and industrial landscapes. By exploring these qualitative and quantitative aspects of ‘distance’ through the disciplines of design and architecture, contemporary discourses related to extraction, weather, and industrial cycles are contemplated from the perspective of interconnectedness and separation.

The exhibition stems from an educational collaboration that brought together students from three architecture and design departments across three distinct institutions: the Faculty of Architecture at Politehnica University of Timisoara (RO), Studio Technogeographies from Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), and Borders and Territories from TU Delft (NL). During a workshop held in May in Timisoara, students engaged in a series of collaborative exercises inspired by the concept of an atlas. These exercises centred on common conditions associated with various interpretations of ‘distance’ — technologies, infrastructures, climates, communities, and knowledge. Various methods of design observation, mapping, and interaction with real data in Timisoara were employed to broaden singular perspectives and address more ‘common’ and ‘interconnected’ relationships with living environments.

The nine student projects showcased in the Atlas of Distances exhibition were selected through an open call. Additionally, all student projects developed during the course of the collaboration are presented in the exhibition through a poster. The design of the poster installation demonstrates how ‘the atlas’ functioned as a pedagogical tool in the workshop.


Martina Muzi

General coordination team

Loredana Gaita (UPT)

Oana Simionescu (FABER)

Exhibition team

Nicusor Duma

Mihai Moldovan

Bianca Schick

Lorena Breaza

Exhibition participants

Laurin Bohm, Anamaria Degau, Louella Exton, Vanessa Heider, Josh Jerome, Richard Temple Kingston, Edward-Stefan Kiss and Denisa-Anamaria Landler, Petar Kukec, Anastasia Stolearenco

Poster design

Peak15 Design Studio


Nadine Botha (EN)

Cristina Potra-Muresan (RO)

Graphic design and platform coding

Kirsten Spruit


Alex Todirica


Participating Schools

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Politehnica University of Timisoara (UPT)


Assoc. prof. Cristian Blidariu (Dean of Faculty), Assoc. prof. Ana-Maria Branea, Assoc. prof. Marius Gaman, Lect. Daniela Negrisanu


Anisa-Rachel Almagattish, Alex-Georgel Ban, Anamaria Degau, lonut-Radu Druta, Elena Fildan, Razvan lliescu, Edward-Stefan Kiss, Denisa-Anamaria Landler, Silvia-Elena Maxim, Florea Miruna, Eduard Muntean, Madalina-Melania Nasalean, Cristian Pocitarenco, Nicolae-Daniel Popa, Eliza-Lucia Radu, Maria Radu, Ruxandra Rotar, Sebastian Sgaroiu, Georgea-Elena Stefan, Anastasia Stolearenco, Doris Teodora, Alexandru-Aurel Tudoroiu, Alexandra-Elena Tuleu, David Unipan

Studio Technogeographies, Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE)


Martina Muzi (Studio Leader), Christoph Miler, Roberto Perez Gayo

Students, Shira Arzi, Hui Baquero, Laurin Böhm, Victoire Coustilieres, Ralph Diepstraten, Mari Ebisu, Louella Exton, Anwyn Glenys Howarth, Marie de Lavergne de Cerval, Vall Loucas Chabot, Eve Peng, Sterre Rosmalen, Maya Stimpfl, Richard Temple Kingston

Borders & Territories (B&T),

Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology (TUD)


Assoc. prof. Marc Schoonderbeek (Program Director), Lect. Negar Sanaan Bensi, Stefan Gzyl


Mathilde Barth, Bart Claver, Dinu Hoinarescu, Josh Jerome, Vanessa Heider, Dominika Kubicka, Petar Kukec, Savvina Megalovasili, Ana Mendica, Matgorzata tysik, Julia Patega, Joanna Pilecka, Tatsumi Sone, Kamil Urban, Mia Vrgoc, Luisa Zeilinger

Atlas of Distances
Atlas of Distances
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