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Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts

Conference Proceedings



Armina Pilav, Marc Schoonderbeek, Heidi Sohn, Aleksandar Staničić


The Borders & Territories research group is proud to announce the release of the proceedings of the international conference ‘Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts’ that was held on November 6-8, 2019 at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU-Delft. The conference was organized in collaboration with the Department of Architecture, the Architecture Theory group and the Landscape Architecture Department of Sheffield University. The event was partially sponsored by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship [Project Transurbicide, ID 798115], led by Aleksandar Staničić.

The Conference Proceedings compiles an edited selection of contributions presented at the conference, including keynotes by Caren Kaplan (UC Davis) and Pelin Tan (Bard College); nineteen research papers by emerging and established academics in the fields of architecture, urbanism, sociology, media studies and artistic practices; reflections and examples of media and artworks exhibited at the conference; short insights on the workshops ‘Photogrammetry’ and ‘3D Semantic Data Modelling’; an essay on the film screening program presented at Lumen Filmhuis; as well as one example of ongoing PhD research carried out within the B&T research group.

The Conference Proceedings are introduced and edited by Armina Pilav (Sheffield University), Marc Schoonderbeek, Heidi Sohn and Aleksandar Staničić (TU Delft), with the assistance of Lucija Grofelnik.

Recommended Citation:

Pilav, A., Schoonderbeek, M., Sohn, H., Staničić, A., eds. Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts, International Conference Proceedings, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (BK Books, 2020).

Additional Information:

TU Delft Open

NUR: 955

ISBN / EAN: 978-94-6366-285-7

387 pages, with illustrations.

Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts
Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts
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