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M Schoonderbeek

Peer-reviewed Article



Marc Schoonderbeek



The contribution spatial analysis should nowadays attempt to make to an un- derstanding of the effects of power on space is precisely located in incorpo- rating this understanding of the border. Without such a model, one will only remain to speculate about the properties of the border. It will, in other words, remain discourse only, rather then discursive production operating towards un- derstanding. It is therefore crucial that the workings of power, and its spatial implementations and implications, are studied in precise detail. In this respect, the objectives for the field of spatial analysis, as described by Foucault, have to consider mechanisms of power in order to identify what is specific about them at a given moment. Borders are moments of demarcation not only in order to allow separation and differentiation. They also allow a space of encounter to emerge as well.

M Schoonderbeek
M Schoonderbeek
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