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X Agendas for Architecture

The chair of Public Building, chaired by prof. Michiel Riedijk, and the research group 'Border Conditions and Territories' are pleased to announce the publication of X Agendas for Architecture, published through Artifice, books on architecture.

X Agendas for Architecture is a speculative and inspiring book for the current and upcoming agenda makers in architecture, presenting relevant ideas from architectural professionals and educators. Edited by Oscar Rommens, Marc Schoonderbeek and Loed Stolte, the book offers an overview of recent agendas for architecture, presenting a range of contributors into a structure discourse to highlight issues and extend questions on the necessity of 'an' agenda within the historical turning point(s) of contemporary architecture.

The official launch of the book will be held at the opening days of the Dutch Pavilion at the upcoming Venice Biennale (on Friday 27 May, at 12:30). Further details about this event will be made available shortly.

The book is the indirect result of the symposium and lecture series ‘X Agendas for Architecture’ organized by the Delft University of Technology architecture research group ‘Border Conditions & Territories’ at the end of 2011, in which a number of architects, theoreticians and scholars gave presentations of their work. The symposium reflected on the themes formulated in the research group’s first publication (the 2010 book ‘Border Conditions’), which gave a comprehensive overview of the group's architectural research and design projects. In addition to this attempt to frame and discuss the recent developments in architectural discourse and to extend the questions on the necessity of architectural agendas, the range of invited authors was enlarged with a group of relatively young deans who have recently been appointed at architecture schools worldwide. We considered this development part of a transition towards a new generation of agenda-makers in architectural education.

Authors featured in X Agendas for Architecture are, in order of appearance: Javier Quintana, Gijs Wallis de Vries, Marc Koehler, Sang Lee, Alexander Wright, Manuel Gausa, Urs Hirschberg, Patrik Schumacher, Christopher Platt, Gerard van Zeijl, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Martine De Maeseneer, Leonel Moura, Malkit Shoshan, Weimin Zhuang, Sarah Lorenzen, Michiel Riedijk, Marcos Cruz, Pnina Avidar, Henriette Bier, François Roche, Toomas Tammis, Machiel Spaan, Hannah Le Roux, José Maria Nava Townsend, and Micha de Haas.

In the course of this year, the themes, agendas and opinions presented in X Agendas for Architecture will be part of a series of discussions involving a broader audience interested in future agendas for architecture. More information on this program will follow in due time.

M. Schoonderbeek, O. Rommens, L. Stolte (eds.) - X Agendas for Architecture

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