Aleksandar Staničić

Post-doc Researcher

Aleksandar Staničić is architect, researcher, and Marie Curie Fellow at the Chair of Methods and Analysis. His work, broadly speaking, explores the architectural engagements with violence-driven transformation of urban morphology, politics of urban (re)construction in cities of upheaval, and disaster resilience design. It stems from two book projects, Transition urbicide: Post-war reconstruction in post-socialist Belgrade (author) and War Diaries: Responding to the Destruction of Art and Architecture (co-editor). His professional portfolio includes awarded design on postwar housing in Syria, research scholarships at MIT and Columbia University, and multiple awarded grants and fellowships from the Government of Lombardy Region, Italy, and Ministry of Education, Republic of Serbia. The project Aleksandar will be conducting as part of the MC Fellowship, "Transurbicide," investigates manifold narratives of post-war urban transformation of cities in all the complexity of political, economic and cultural transition of post-socialist societies, taking for a test-bed the revealing case of Belgrade after the 1999 NATO bombing.