Gökçe Önal

PhD Candidate

Gökçe studied architecture in Istanbul Technical University and received her M.Arch. from Middle East Technical University, with a thesis exploring the impact of aerial photography on Istanbul's urban transformation. Following a brief involvement with office work, she started working as a research assistant in METU, where she taught between 2013-16. She continued with teaching activities in TU Delft (2016–17) and contributed to the development of a TU Delft-based MOOC project ‘Means of Architectural Design’ (2017–19). She is currently a PhD candidate in B&T. Her doctoral research investigates the digitisation of remote sensing practices in relation to the developing cultures of architecture from the late 20th century onward. She aims to find a productive ground between media theory and architectural studies — by considering the apparatuses, systems and processes of digital image making as the setting from which to reframe questions of aerial visuality in architecture theory in the age of ubiquitous surveillance.