Gökçe Önal

_PhD Candidate

Gökçe Önal received her B.Arch from Istanbul Technical University, studied as an exchange student in Politecnico di Milano for an academic year and later completed her masters studies in Middle East Technical University, where she worked as a research assistant in between 2013-2016, contributing to the design-studio environment, workshops and exhibitions. Her masters research focuses on aerial vision and the framework by which it pertains to the discussions of the built environment, urban representation and the politics of image. Gökçe holds a number of awards in inter/national architectural and graphic design competitions, while her work has been exhibited in distinct channels including her collaboration with METU Fabric Form Group in 2012 Istanbul Design Biennale and 2013 Tokyo Design Week. Her PhD research explores the emergent city image and the set of visual codes intrinsic to the erratic dimension of urban form, where the fields of travel and representation interrelate by the notion of flux.